Tightening saggy skin with Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology

Tightening saggy skin with Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology

As we get older our bodies naturally begin to age, this shows itself on our bodies as wrinkles and skin that begins to sag.

This does not have to be the case, thanks to modern technology scientists have discovered a wayan effective skin tightening treatment called Thermage Comfort Pulse Technology (Thermage CPT).

How does Thermage CPT tighten skin?

Thermage CPT is a special skin tightening treatment that applies radio frequency energy onto the skin to spark a reaction from a special protein called collagen. Now there are a number of factors that can help keep your skin firm, but collagen is the most important one to pay attention to. Collagen is what keeps our skin firm and as we get older this special protein starts to loosen its grip, thus leading to saggy skin. The radio frequency helps to strengthen this special protein as well as catalysing the production of new collagen, which will eventually help make you look younger.

What is involved in the procedure?

Using an established medical practice is important if you want the best possible outcome. For example, the Cranley Clinic offers a team full of experience that specialises in skin health, so you can be guaranteed results. During the treatment process, you can expect:

  1. Your doctor will provide a cooling effect to protect the outer layers of the skin.
  2. Using a specially designed treatment tip, your doctor will penetrate the skin’s tissue in order to heat up and re-mould the collagen in the desired areas.
  3. A special liquid called cryogen is applied to the treated areas to help cool the epidermis.

What does the treatment feel like?

Understandably, you must be thinking that this is going to feel like an uncomfortable skin treatment. However, it can be guaranteed that Thermage CPT is not going to put you through a lot of pain. You will feel interspersed bursts of both cooling and burning sensations during the treatment. Similar to the juxtaposed feelings from the muscle pains that you get from working out at the gym, the burning feelings that you get from Thermage are a good indicator that the collagen deep inside your skin is remodelling.

When will I see the results?

Skin tightening with radio frequency does guarantee results, but it’s difficult to give you an exact time scale of when they will show. Some people will be lucky enough to see improvements straight after the procedure, whereas others may have to wait between two and six months before they notice any substantial difference.

If you want to hear about other people’s stories, read the Thermage skin tightening reviews here.

Tips For Getting Great Skin

No matter how hard we try, sometimes your skin will never look quite how you want it to, although having skin that you are comfortable with and works for you might take longer to achieve than you’d maybe hope. So stay patient with what your methods are and don’t expect an overnight transformation. We at Lipstick and Love have created a list of the best methods for improving the quality of your skin. We have tried our best to use natural products at all times, although sometimes you need the help of a beauty product to boost along the process.

Drink more water

You might just be drinking water when you are dehydrated or exercising at the gym, although when you feel like drinking it’s probably because you’ve already been dehydrated for aa long amount of time before. Hydration inside and outside of your body is effectively key to keeping your skin looking vibrant. If you are seeking an amount that you should be drinking each day to give you an aim, go for ten 10-ounce glasses, as beauty experts have stated, is the right amount to start your skin healing process.

Avoid sunbeds

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Going to a tanning salon, even if it’s only a few times can create damage to your skin which can never be healed, some of this includes DNA skin cell damage. Apart from tanning beds having strong links and being one of the major causes of skin cancer, it also makes your skin age terribly fast. If you are looking to improve the quality of your skin, you should never be looking ot get a tan, naturally or in a tanning salon environment.

Use Nerd skincare products

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Nerd skincare products come recommended because they hold all the vitamins needed when trying to clear your complexity. Where some skin care products with harsh ingredients can end up being worse for your skin, Nerds latest range comes with all-natural ingredients, so you aren’t exposing anything harmful to your skin. This industry standard product which in the past you’ll have had to pay expensive prices for is now accessible to anyone in stores such as Boots. Look for the black and white design and packaging which has the Nerd branding on it. Nerd’s packaging was designed by Pearlfisher, go to their website to find out more about the product.

Keep your phone clean

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Because of a large amount of germs which can be present on a mobile phone, it’s never a good idea to press it against your face. Always let the phone slightly hover over your skin. If you can you should always wash your phone on a daily basis, as this refreshes the phone and wipes out any germs which might have been passed on and currently sitting on your phone screen ready for you fingers and face to pick up.
If you eat fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise whenever you can, avoid fatty foods and get plenty of sleep, you should be able to maintain healthy skin with the above tips helping you out.
If you have any other tips for our readers, please let us know!

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