Worst Beauty Trends Ever

Sometimes when we look back at some of the trends that we tried in our rash and impetuous youth, we shudder a little and are grateful that Facebook and Instagram weren’t really a thing yet! Of course it is possible that we will look back on trends like contouring and huge eyebrows with just as much horror in the future, but for now, we are content to simply look back at some of the worst beauty trends. Read on to find out some of the worst offenders!

Overplucked Brows

For the last few years we have been appreciating the natural brow more and more with models such as Cara Delevingne showing us that fuller brows can be so beautiful and really feminine too. However, in the mid to late 1990s and even into the early 2000s we all found ourselves coveting a barely there look like some actress from the 1940s. Over-plucking brows was rife in the beauty world with celebrities and normal women alike destroying their natural brows to emulate this look. Some even went as far as to shaving off their own brows completely and drawing in a pencil fine line in way of creating eyebrows. Remember that eyebrows are meant to frame your face, and should be visible to the naked eye! If you over pluck your eyebrows continuously it can also damage the hair follicle permanently so put down those tweezers!

Scouse Brow

At the other end of the spectrum from over-plucked brows, we have the shudder-inducing trend that is the scouse brow. It has just about died a long-overdue death now, but for a year or two there was a tendency for some to draw on thick black eyebrows no matter what their natural hair shade was. Just remember ladies that by drawing a pair of caterpillars above your eyes you are not going to enhance you beauty! This trend originated from the great city of Liverpool and tended to be bared with a fake tan, hair in rollers and a velour tracksuit. For a classy and elegant look, please avoid the scouse brow!

Blue Mascara

Following the horrors that we have subjected our eyebrows too this beauty trend seems rather tame. In the late 1980s into the early 1990s this particularly trend was everywhere and we’re not sure why! Everything was a bit more decadent back then to be sure what with shoulder pads and neon trends being seen as every day necessities rather than part of a clown’s costume! It is true that it’s possible to pull off this look if you’re very careful, but for most of us this is a trend that is better not to attempt outside of a 1980s themed party! Tied in with the blue mascara, and as shown in the picture, was of course wearing bright eye-shadow right up to your eyebrows, and unless the colours are neutral, this is another beauty trend that can be safely left behind in the past!

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